Humidity can be particularly dangerous to certain types of items. It can cause damage to photos, wood furniture and leather goods. Not to mention electronics, artwork and items such as pianos can sustain damage when there’s to much moisture in the air.


4' wide by 10' deep

Suitable for extra storage of bicycles, clothing, boxes, household items.

5' wide by 10' deep

Furnishings from a studio or small one bedroom apartment: Mattress set, dining set, boxes, clothing and extra household items.

10' wide by 10' deep

Suitable for furnishings from a one bedroom apartment or home, items like refrigerator, patio furniture, clothing, dressers, boxes, and other miscellaneous items.

10' wide by 15' deep

Store furnishings from a two bedroom apartment or house: appliances, boxes, patios furniture and other extra household goods.