Non-climate controlled storage unit is for anything that would be safely stored in a garage environment.  Non-climate storage units are not heated, not dehumidified and not air conditioned.  All units are approximate.

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Storage Unit Graphics 5X5

5' wide by 10' deep

Suitable for furnishings from a studio or small apartment: boxes, mattress set, other miscellaneous items.

10' wide by 10' deep

Suitable for household items from a one-bedroom apartment,  storing extra items, mattress, seasonal items, clothing, small sofa, small furniture, bicycles.  Suitable for business goods not sensitive to the changing temperatures.

10' wide by 15' deep

Furnishings from a two bedroom apartment or house: appliances, boxes, patio furniture, and all the extras.

10' wide by 20' deep

Suitable for furnishings from a three bedroom apartment or house: appliances, patios furniture, boxes, and all the extras in the home.

10' wide by 25' deep

Furnishings from a three or bedroom apartment or house: appliances, patio furniture, garage extras, lots of boxes and miscellaneous items. Vehicle storage.

Larger Sizes Available

Storage King offers larger size units: 15×15, 15×20, and 15×25. We also offer outside uncovered parking for cars, boats, trailers and RVs. All units are approximate in size.